Saturday, August 15, 2009

Big Day In Insadong!

It was a very hot but fun day in Insadong market. The area is closed to cars for most of the day on Saturday. We shopped and looked at all kinds of things--scrolls, pottery, giant slabs of ginger candy, seafood, and even guitars. We ate some good food too. Little guy rode around contentedly during our shopping trip and then practiced his crawling skills back at the hotel.


  1. OH my! Myra he really is such a doll! Love that last picture! Hope you continue to have lots of fun in Korea~

  2. So precious, just sweet... of course, I am talking about JE, but I think Max is pretty cute too! I am glad you all are having fun. We are having fun checking in on you. Jamie thinks it is so cool that her friend is in Korea 'picking up' (as she said) his new brother. When you coming home?

  3. Looks like a cool kid. I know you all will enjoy and have a lot of fun with him. I know JE is having a ball.